Except Death and Taxes

is a web site dedicated to bringing together freedom loving, truth seeking Americans who need to know that not all taxes you are told you owe are taxes you lawfully owe. There is a difference. Furthermore, do you know about CAFR? See Allow me to make a most incredible statement: There is more than enough money to run our country, without taxes, for years to come, from the monies invested by the many governments; city, county, and state to provide for any deficits the states claim to exist. Walter Burien, author of, has proven beyond any argument this money is there. Except Death and Taxes is established to facilitate your ability to communicate and enable you to better synergize the value of your efforts as you reach out to others IN YOUR COMMUNITY to discuss these most important Issues. Enjoy networking with your fellow Americans in the county you live. Also, don't forget the big picture and check out the other websites for topics of interest to you under Americans Restoring America.

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